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We all want to be able to access useful information when out and about. Which is why ProMinent apps are available for your mobile devices.

ProMinent App

All ProMinent publications in one app, where you can read at your convenience and browse useful information in real time. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in metering technology and water treatment.

  • Current documentation
  • New products
  • Detailed information from product catalogues, product and industry brochures
  • Simple operation
  • Convenient search function
  • Page through like a book
  • Read in offline mode
  • Easy to download from the online library

App for Metering Pump gamma/ X

ProMinent gamma/ X app is a free app that enables you to manage your ProMinent gamma/ X dosing pump simply and conveniently with your smartphone. You connect the pump with your Android device, configure parameters, download diagnosis data and control extended functions of the gamma/ X pump via Bluetooth.

How to use the ProMinent gamma/ X App

1. Connect your smartphone to the pump via Bluetooth

After start-up the ProMinent App searches for available Bluetooth devices and displays a list of the pumps it has found. A connection is possible with pumps marked as "reachable". The selected gamma/ X pump is indicated by flashing of the blue LED.

2. Enter the security code

When the Bluetooth connection has been established, the four-digit security code is requested. The entered code is sent to the pump for verification with "OK". (Note: After three incorrect attempts, access to the gamma/ X pump is blocked for safety reasons.)

3. Control functions with the context menu

When the correct PIN has been entered, the context menu of the gamma/ X pump is opened. This menu is used to access all important functions:

  • The switch next to the pump image starts and stops the pump function.
  • The pump can be renamed by touching the pump name.
  • The left arrow next to the pump image terminates the Bluetooth connection to the pump.
  • The symbols on the right-hand side show the functions of the list entries:
    • An arrow opens an additional menu.
    • A check mark results in an immediate change.
    • The information symbol is provided purely for display purposes and cannot be used to change values.

4. Enter numeric values

Values can be entered either with the number indicator or roughly with the scroll bar. Select "Apply" to enter the new number or the back button to cancel the change.

5. View device information

This provides view-only information on the options and settings of the currently controlled ProMinent gamma/ X pump. It is not possible to enter values.

6. Expert settings

Here it is possible to enter settings for the suction and pressure stroke, pressure limits etc. of the ProMinent gamma/ X pump.

7. Non-numeric values

Non-numeric values such as the required reaction to air intake are programmed by tapping the desired option. The change is cancelled by pressing the back button.

8. Dynamic menu adaptation

The menus adapt dynamically to the selected settings. If, for example, the analogue mode is changed from "0..20 mA" to "linear", additional setting options for this pre-setting are displayed.

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