Safe handling and optimal dosage with DULCODOS SAFE-IBC

Cleaning dirty water from households is a responsible and complex task. Waterworks Frankfurt on Main, Germany, therefore relies on reliable products such as the DULCODOS SAFE-IBC dosing system, for the disinfection of filter systems.

Safe handling of hydrogen peroxide

In Frankfurt, the wastewater treatment plants (ARA) and a sludge dewatering and incineration plant (SEVA) treat around 265,000 m³ of wastewater. Wastewater from 1.82 million inhabitants in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Strict ecological and legal requirements must always be complied with and brought into harmony with the general economic conditions.

Hydrogen peroxide is used to disinfect the SEVA's gravel filters. A safe solution is necessary for handling this chemical, to meet the requirements of occupational safety on the one hand, and to ensure uninterrupted dosing when changing the container on the other.

Since ProMinent products are already being used successfully in the Frankfurt ARA´s, Maintenance Manager Daniel Adolph got in touch with his contact person. On-site consultation from ProMinent expert Kevin Kubulek and the properties of the complete package of the newly designed DULCODOS SAFE-IBC have convinced.

Key data

  • Modular station for safe handling and dosing of hydrogen peroxide
  • Easy container change without interrupting the dosage
  • Convincing complete package DULCODOS SAFE-IBC with metering pump, collecting tray and intermediate container

Easily installed, ready for immediate use

When retrofitting existing systems, there are often problems with the available space. Due to the compact design of the DULCODOS SAFE-IBC, however, a suitable installation location was quickly found. ProMinent supplied the completely pre-assembled dosing system, which, thanks to the user-friendly concept, was installed and commissioned by the customer himself. This saved time and money and did not significantly affect day-to-day operations. The DULCODOS SAFE-IBC can be used indoors at temperatures of up to 35°C at the Stadtentwässerung waterworks in Frankfurt, and consists of the following components:

  • A collecting tray made of polyethylene (collecting volume approx. 1,300litres) for the customer's intermediate bulk container (IBC) with chemical to be dosed
  • Safety couplings and hoses connecting the IBC to the intermediate container (approx. 200litres volume)
  • An integrated dosing station, equipped with a Vario C motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump, for a delivery rate of 120 l/h.

Clever dosing system with many advantages

With the installation of the customer-specific DULCODOS SAFE-IBC, Waterworks Frankfurt on Main has fulfilled two of their requirements at the same time: On the one hand, the requirements for occupational safety and, on the other hand, increased process reliability and safety, thanks to the expansion with the 200litre storage tank. The secure screw connections of the hoses also minimise the risk of chemical etching. The empty container can be disconnected and changed without any problems; the pump continues to dose reliably from the storage tank and the process is not interrupted in any way - an important component in filter disinfection, and thus, in the entire wastewater treatment operation.

  • Economical solution for handling and dosing chemicals
  • Compact design requires only a small footprint
  • Easy installation thanks to pre-assembly and user-friendly concept
  • Fulfillment of health and safety requirements through considerable risk minimisation during handling
  • Uninterrupted dosing when changing containers increasing process safety and reliability

»We have always had positive experiences working with ProMinent. The delivered products and systems work reliably in our processes. We are very satisfied with the dosing system for hydrogen peroxide, because the complete package with the integrated storage tank met our expectations.« -  Daniel Adolph, maintenance manager Waterworks Frankfurt on Main

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