Ozone Systems

Strong and high-performing

ProMinent ozone systems are used for the treatment of potable water and wastewater, water in the food and beverage industry, pool water, aquarium and pool water in zoos, and cooling and process water.

Disinfection and oxidation

As the most powerful oxidising agent that can be used in water treatment, ozone is particularly well suited to removing hazardous substances, dyes, odours and flavour additives. Alongside oxidation, ozone also delivers effective disinfection. Significantly fewer environmentally harmful by-products result from the generation and use of ozone than with other comparable oxidants and disinfectants. Because of its high reactivity, ozone decomposes back into its original oxygen form in water in a matter of minutes.

The operating gas and the desired ozone concentration are the factors that count. Refer to the guide below to find out which ozone system is best suited to your purposes.


Ozone system DULCOZON OZLa

Ozone capacity 380 - 6,080 g ozone/h

DULCOZON OZLa is an ozone generator with low life cycle costs. It combines a high ozone concentration with unbeatable efficiency. more

Your benefits

  • Minimum consumption of energy through unique efficiency
  • Maximum space saving of up to 70 % compared with conventional systems
  • High operating safety through use of modules that can be redundantly activated and deactivated  
  • Minimum demand for oxygen due to high concentration of up to 15% wt
  • Reliable and robust thanks to low load of electrical components
  • Simple operation and process visualisation thanks to large and colour 10" touch screen panel

System Solution OZONFILT Compact OMVb

Ozone capacity 20 – 70 g/h

OZONFILT Compact OMVb is a complete, ready-to-use system solution for the generation and metering of ozone. more

Your benefits

  • Excellent process reliability through the use of a pre-assembled, complete ozone treatment stage with perfectly coordinated components.
  • Fully piped and wired system on a stainless steel frame for plug-and-play connection.
  • Modular construction, yet nevertheless can be customised.
  • Compression-proof ozone generator built in compliance with DIN 19627.
  • Destruction of residual ozone gas for the removal of traces of ozone gas.
  • Room air monitoring for traces of ozone gas via a gas detector with a sensor with long-term stability.

Ozone System OZONFILT OZVb

Ozone capacity 10 – 70 g ozone/h

OZONFILT OZVb is powerful and compact and is ideal for efficient ozone generation from compressed air in the output range of up to 70 g/h. The turnkey ozone system including mixing equipment offers everything you need for safe and seamless operation. more

Your benefits

  • Safe and seamless operation through continuous monitoring of all relevant operating data
  • Simple, safe and reliable operation with process visualisation thanks to colour and clear 4.3" touch panel
  • Compact system with integral air treatment
  • Turnkey complete system with perfectly coordinated mixing device including back pressure valve, vacuum breaker and static mixer
  • Direct injection without injector system for up to 4 bar back pressure
  • Low maintenance and operating costs thanks to maintenance-free generator concept and virtually infinite service life

Ozone System OZONFILT OZMa

Ozone capacity 70 – 420 g ozone/h

OZONFILT OZMa is synonymous with maximum operational safety and minimal operating costs. The ozone generator is maintenance-free and generates up to 420 g/h of ozone from compressed air. more

Your benefits

  • Economical: maintenance-free generator concept with virtually unlimited service life
  • Up to 30% energy savings for air treatment, thanks to demand-controlled and self-optimising air drying compared to conventional air treatment.
  • Automatic control of the feed gas depends on the ozone output, therefore reduced consumption of feed gas is produced with intensive use of energy.
  • High ozone concentration ensures optimum ozone solubility in water
  • Direct injection without injector system for up to 2 bar back pressure
  • Automatic ozone generation, virtually independent of fluctuations in mains voltage and pressure

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