Bypass Armatures

We offer a range of bypass armatures for specific integration into processes. They are used to hold potentiometric and amperometric sensors as well as conductivity sensors and ensure optimum operating conditions for your measurement.



Sensor bypass armature Modular BAMa

Up to 9 functional modules can be freely configured in a single fitting.

The modular bypass armature BAMa accommodates ProMinent sensors for water treatment. The armature is simply installed in a bypass of the main process line. It is available in various variants, each perfectly designed for special water treatment applications – from drinking water, water for pool & wellness to industrial water. more

Your benefits

  • The sensors can be quickly and easily fitted and dismantled thanks to bayonet fittings.
  • All parts requiring maintenance can be cleaned very well as they are easy to access without tools.
  • Water consumption is minimised to just 5 l/h for flow-dependent sensors under ideal measurement conditions.
  • The good particle mobility allows the bypass armature to be used in an even wider range of applications.
  • Construction and material permit temperatures of up to 70 °C at a max. pressure of 3 bar, making it even more flexible to use.
  • Thanks to higher pressure levels of up to 7 bar at 20 °C, sample water can return to the process, where permitted.

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