Domestic Water Technology

Protective layer in the pipework

You don't have to simply accept corrosion and limescale. ProMinent metering systems deliver active substances such as silicate, phosphate or silicate-phosphate mixtures to create a protective layer for the piping system. The addition of these substances protects pipework, fittings and appliances such as boilers, washing machines and dishwashers against corrosion and limescale by reducing aggressiveness and hardness deposits in the water.

Keeping things flowing

As the water flows, the contact water meter transmits pulses to the metering pump at a fixed pulse interval corresponding to the flow. Each of these pulses produces a metering pump stroke thereby feeding the solution. The metering volume per stroke can be adjusted continuously between 100 and 50% using the stroke adjustment dial.

Always constant

The addition of chemicals must remain constant and the metered volume must always be right. ProMinent domestic water technology ensures this by deploying a very low starting limit and a short pulse interval. The best process result is guaranteed from minimum water flow rate to maximum load.


Metering system Promatik

For flows of 4 – 25 m3/h

The proportional metering system Promatik is used in the potable water sector for the flow-dependent, adjustable metering of liquid media, like the EXACTAPHOS®. It consists of the metering pump beta, a contact water meter, a suction assembly with foot valve, level switch and wall bracket, and an injection valve and metering line. more

Your benefits

  • DVGW-tested in conjunction with the EXACTAPHOS® metering solution. DVGW No. NW-9101 CM 0179.
  • The EXACTAPHOS® metering solutions are matched to the capacity of the Promatik metering systems.
  • Fitting position of the water meter – horizontal and vertical.

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