Metering Systems for Liquids

Ready mounted and ready for use - what else are you waiting for?

The standard metering systems DULCODOS® are the result of years of application-based development at ProMinent. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time. With ProMinent you can reduce your costs by choosing tried-and-tested complete solutions.

And they're adaptable too

ProMinent responds to individual needs. The standard metering systems DULCODOS® are available as metering systems with tanks or as panel-mounted metering systems and can be individually configured. After all, not everyone has identical requirements.


Metering System DULCODOS® modular

Capacity: 40 – 1,000 l/h, other capacities on request

The ready-wired modular metering system DULCODOS® is used for the ultra-precise metering of chemicals. It has a modular design and can be flexibly integrated into the most varied applications. more

Your benefits

  • Simple and quick to install, thanks to ready-wired design
  • Modular construction for flexible, practical process integration
  • Minimal stock of spare parts and short delivery times due to the use of standard parts and components
  • Minimal space requirements due to compact construction
  • Metering is controlled by pump electronics

Metering System DULCODOS® eco

For storing and metering liquid chemicals Use a selection guide (identity code) to quickly and flexibly adapt your metering system to your metering task. more

Your benefits

  • One to three metering pumps mounted on a storage tank, ready for connection with all the necessary accessories
  • Short delivery time
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Compact construction
  • Fast commissioning
  • Versatile use

Metering System DULCODOS® Hydrazin

Chemical tank ranging from 140 to 250 litres

DULCODOS® Hydrazin batching and metering systems are used for manual batching and automatic metering of diluted hydrazine solutions. And, of course, they also comply with all environmental and safety requirements. more

Your benefits

  • Gas-tight design
  • Precise metering
  • Protects the environment

Metering System DULCODOS® panel

Metering systems are immediately available and ready for use for the most important applications. Sensors, controller and metering pumps form a single unit with the required storage tanks, which can take over your work without any installation effort. more

Your benefits

  • DULCODOS® panel plate-mounted metering systems Ready assembled on a mounting plate, with pipework fitted and complete with all hydraulic and electrical accessories
  • Compact construction
  • Fast project planning
  • Flexible thanks to modular construction
  • Proven many times over

Metering System DULCODOS® Pool Basic

For swimming pools with a circulation capacity of up to 200 m3/h

The chlorine metering system DULCODOS® Pool Basic is a complete solution for private swimming pools where the chlorine content is controlled using the low-maintenance measurement of the ORP potential. more

Your benefits

  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Constantly good water quality
  • Versatile monitoring functions

Metering System DULCODOS® Pool Comfort

For swimming pools with a circulation capacity of up to 225 m3/h

The chlorine metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort is the convenient solution for pH adjustment and disinfection of swimming pools with liquid chlorine products. Remote access is possible via LAN interface. more

Your benefits

  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Brilliant water quality
  • Versatile monitoring functions

Metering System DULCODOS® Pool Professional

For swimming pools with a circulation capacity of up to 350 m3/h

Chlorine metering system for individual adjustment and monitoring of all common hygiene auxiliary parameters in public pools. DULCODOS® Pool Professional ensures crystal-clear water quality and lowers operating costs thanks to Eco!Mode. more

Your benefits

  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Brilliant water quality
  • Eco!Mode helps cut operating costs
  • Versatile communication interfaces
  • Central control of peripheral devices and functions too

Metering System DULCODOS® Pool Soft

For swimming pools with volumes up to 100 m3

Chlorine-free water treatment system for environmentally operated private pools. Safe water disinfection with active oxygen as a turnkey complete solution. more

Your benefits

  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Chlorine-free
  • Constantly good water quality
  • Versatile monitoring functions

Metering System DULCODOS® PPLA

DULCODOS® PPLA systems "enhance" animal feeds: Liquid additives are coated on the pressed feed pellets. The systems operate on a modular principle: extensions and additions are possible at all times. And at the same time a complete solution for storage, dispensing and application of all types of additives. more

Your benefits

  • Fast project planning
  • Precise metering

Metering System DULCODOS® universal

Pump volume depending on the selected pump 10 ml/h–75 l/h, back pressure 10-2 bar

The metering system DULCODOS® universal combines carefully selected standard components with the solenoid-driven metering pump you have selected. This is your convenient method for the reliable metering of liquid chemicals – and is available cost-effectively and extremely quickly thanks to the preconfigured modules. more

Your benefits

  • Reliable and precise metering of liquid chemicals with proven solenoid-driven metering pumps
  • Safe operation thanks to relief valves and collecting pan
  • Stable installation frame rotationally sintered from a single piece
  • Systems with 1 or 2 pumps and 1 or 2 points of injection
  • Calibration unit with priming function for controlled metering
  • Optional: Pulsation dampener, spray guard

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