Tailored to the job in hand

Measuring and control instruments from ProMinent are adapted to the relevant application. They are available in different performance classes and can be integrated in every process environment.

Measure and control

Where does it start? - From simple measurement signal conversion tasks for transmission to a central control unit and calibratable units with measured value displays through to specialist controllers for complex, application-specific control tasks in various industries, ProMinent offers complete product ranges.

Bus systems? Yes please!

The control circuit can be easily integrated into a bus system. PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET and Modbus RTU are available for integrating circuits into a higher-level control system.

We also supply complete solutions

Anyone can sell you components. But we also offer fully assembled measuring points for some measured values. To make sure you can keep using your measuring point for a long time to come, ProMinent has a wide range of accessories and spare parts. And of course, our experts are always here to help too.



Controller DULCOPOOL

Measurement parameters: pH, ORP

The controller DULCOPOOL enables simple management of private swimming pools. It is operated using a touch display. DULCOPOOL uses two peristaltic pumps, which are integrated in the device, to control the pH and chlorine concentration totally automatically. more

Your benefits

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Configuration can be uploaded, stored and printed
  • Simple menu-based operation via 4" touch display
  • Low-noise operation due to peristaltic metering pumps
  • Connection to SmartHome systems
  • Wi-Fi capability with iOS and Google Play apps for monitoring, operating and configuring the controller with a 1:1 connection to a smartphone or via a Wi-Fi network. This requires the MyHydro Connect app, which is available for free from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Controller DULCOMETER diaLog DACb

Do you wish for a simple controller for water analysis? One that is easy to operate and with which you can freely select between all common measured variables per channel? There is one: our all-rounder DULCOMETER diaLog DACb! What is more, it is Ethernet-/LAN-capable and can be ideally integrated into existing networks. more

Your benefits

  • Simple operation thanks to a clearly arranged display
  • More for your money: two measuring and control channels now in the basic configuration
  • Versatile use: all common measured variables can be set per channel and subsequently altered
  • Control from anywhere: LAN-capable and convenient remote access via integrated web server
  • Maximum flexibility: individually adjustable to different operating statuses, e.g. day-night mode
  • Excellent process reliability: avoidance of incorrect metering through time-based monitoring of control variables

Controller DULCOMETER D1Cb/D1Cc

The controller DULCOMETER D1Cb/D1Cc can be used for control tasks in potable water treatment, wastewater treatment and many other areas. Safe, convenient and clear, thanks to the large illuminated graphic display, plain text operating menu and pH sensor monitoring. more

Your benefits

  • Flexibility through free selection of variables from all measured variables
  • Safety through sensor monitoring of pH for glass breakage and line breakage
  • Flexibly upgradable, thanks to subsequent activation option of functions by means of an activation code
  • Various installation options: wall-mounted or installation in a control cabinet

Controller DULCOMETER Compact

As a controller in water analysis, the DULCOMETER Compact is the correct controller for control tasks that require only a 1-way control. more

Your benefits

  • Flexibility in the choice of measured variable for pH and ORP
  • Always the optimum measured value resolution by using auto-ranging with the conductivity measurement
  • Depending on the requirement, various display options for conductivity, such as: conductivity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), salinity and specific resistance
  • Safety thanks to sensor monitoring with pH for glass breakage and line breakage
  • Various installation options: wall-mounted, installation on an upright or in a control cabinet

Measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3

The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3 is your digital link to the technology of the future. It controls the entire range of swimming pools – from adventure pools to private pools – and is used as a multi-pool system for up to 16 filter circuits. more

Your benefits

  • Energy- and cost-efficient control of your swimming pool
  • The DULCOMARIN 3 can be accessed from any Internet-compatible device (web browser and VNC app needed)
  • Simple calibration of the sensors with video support
  • Status messages and alarms issued by e-mail
  • View and assess the time-based curve of the measured values of all pools on the integrated screen plotter
  • Simple, unrestricted LAN and Wi-Fi connection – like in your home network

Controller DULCOMETER diaLog X

The DULCOMETER diaLog X multi-parameter controller ensures that complex water treatment systems are operated as efficiently as possible. The controller is highly flexible and suitable for many sensor parameters. more

Your benefits

  • Excellent flexibility thanks to modular construction and easily extendible IO modules (input/output), allowing more sensors and pumps to be connected.
  • Up to two satellite units can be added for additional inputs and outputs, allowing more sensors and pumps to be connected.
  • Intuitive operation via the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) thanks to a clearly legible industrial display and robust keys for standard commands, such as calibration and monitoring.
  • Simple configuration of process settings as well as monitoring and visualisation of process data via a web server with freely configurable and preconfigured software modules.
  • Extensive overview and control of processes, e.g. cooling tower processes: All process data and alarms can be communicated to the process control system via fieldbuses such as Modbus RTU.
  • Advanced communication options: Various network protocols such as FTP or MQTT enable remote access and data management via Wi-Fi and LAN (Ethernet).

Controller AEGIS II

Controller AEGIS II continuously measures and controls the conductivity and biocide concentration to keep pipework and heat exchangers clean. more

Your benefits

  • Control of biocide metering over 1, 7 or 28 days, real-time clock
  • If desired, the biocide concentration can be measured and controlled online
  • Measurement of conductivity, temperature and flow control with the CTFS type digital sensor
  • Serial web interface for unit configuration and remote maintenance with e-mail alarms (the controller must be connected to the Internet for e-mail alarms). WiFi as an option
  • Forced bleeding: performs bleeding before biocide metering, based on time or measured values
  • Bleed lock: blocks bleeding after biocide metering has taken place

Controller AEGIS S

AEGIS S is an easy-to-use water treatment controller for evaporative cooling systems. It is designed to keep the cooling process running reliably. AEGIS S measures conductivity and controls dosing of biocides and corrosion inhibitor, thus preventing biological growth and keeping pipelines and heat exchangers clean. more

Your benefits

  • Simple installation, commissioning and operation via 5" touchscreen display
  • Excellent process reliability thanks to live view of the animated cooling circuit with measured values, status of bleed valve, tank level and indication of process status
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to timers for winter/summer and days of the week
  • Time is saved thanks to automatic reporting, integrated maintenance calendar and other functions designed to assist users
  • Flexible communication options through integration into process management systems
  • Convenient transfer of configurations and USB port for data exports via Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP and web interface via LAN and Wi-Fi

Controller SlimFLEX 5a

The SlimFLEX 5a cooling tower controller continuously measures and regulates electrical conductivity and controls the dosing of biocides. This keeps the pipework clean and prevents legionella infestation. more

Your benefits

  • A web interface for device configuration and remote maintenance is standard, Wi-Fi is available as an option
  • Forced bleeding: performs bleeding before biocide metering
  • Bleed lock: blocks bleeding after biocide metering has taken place
  • Operating status displayed by 6 status LEDs
  • Connection to the DULCONNEX IIoT solution, developed by ProMinent.

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