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Web-based. Networked. Transparent. Digital fluid management with DULCONNEX.

ProMinent's DULCONNEX is the smart overall solution for digitally networking your system components. The DULCONNEX is based on robustly networked products that can be individually adapted to operating conditions. As all the components of a system are networked, metering pumps, disinfection systems, controllers and sensors can interact in an optimised manner – increasing process reliability and system efficiency.

Real-time system monitoring from any location

With DULCONNEX, you always have access to all the key data and measured values for your pump installations. Monitor the status of your system in real-time and benefit from continuous documentation. Check your device data safely and reliably when you’re out and about. Simply use the terminal device of your choice: smartphone, tablet or PC. Configurable alarms and messages inform you of relevant events 24/7.

Be in a position to act promptly at all times with DULCONNEX. Whether cooling water, swimming pool water, potable water, wastewater or industrial and process water – DULCONNEX supports you in ensuring the reliable treatment of your fluids.



The DULCONNEX Gateway safely and reliably transfers the data of all products supported as standard to the DULCONNEX Cloud more

Your benefits

  • Web-based fluid management
  • Simple commissioning
  • Communication via WLAN


Mobile app for Android and iOS

The next generation of mobile product assistance from ProMinent – DULCONNEX Blue. The smart app enables intelligent pumps to be conveniently controlled by Bluetooth. more

Your benefits

  • Easy operation and configuration of gamma/ X pumps in installation environments that are hard to access
  • Live monitoring of device status and performance data from a safe distance
  • Reliable remote control of supported ProMinent products
  • User-friendly operation by means of intuitive interface and multilingual displays
  • Efficient commissioning by simply copying of the configuration from one pump to other pumps
  • Obtain professional support quickly in an emergency case – generate error logs at the press of a button and share them directly with service personnel


Web-based IIoT platform for digital fluid management

DULCONNEX Platform is a web-based IIoT platform for digital fluid management. The web application offers simple and location-independent access to all relevant system and process data and thus increases system availability. By continuously monitoring important parameters, the process quality can be optimized and the safety of employees increased. Comprehensive logging and automated generation of reports facilitate the fulfilment of documentation obligations. more

Your benefits

  • Always one step ahead of events - keep an eye on the status and functionality of systems at all times and react in good time thanks to configurable alarms with e-mail notification function. In an emergency, easily create and share documentation in order to receive competent help as quickly as possible.
  • A plus in transparency and security - Gaining knowledge of the exact process and system status on-site even before entering potentially dangerous environments. The complete history of all measured values ​​and system data as well as their reliable storage in the cloud also offer additional protection against manipulation and data loss.
  • Plan service assignments more efficiently and prepare them more effectively - With the help of location-independent access to status and performance data, journeys for pure inspection and documentation purposes can be minimized. Knowledge of the exact system status before arrival at the place of use also enables service activities to be optimally prepared.
  • Increased system availability and optimized process quality - The visualization of freely combinable parameters in diagrams allows detailed analysis of processes and supports the identification of optimization potential.
  • Easier fulfilment of regulatory documentation obligations - Thanks to continuous logging, automated generation of reports and the simple export function, the manual effort required to provide evidence of proper operation is significantly reduced.

DULCONNEX Inventory Management

The DULCONNEX Inventory Management add-on is an extension to the DULCONNEX Platform. It can be used to monitor tank levels and inventory levels of chemicals at various sites regardless of your location. Tank level monitoring is based on the data of the DULCOLEVEL radar level sensor. more

Your benefits

  • Simple integration of existing or new tank level applications
  • Detailed overview of all elements of the application, such as tank levels with warning levels, inventory levels, chemicals and locations
  • Geographic overview of all systems with colour visualisation of tank levels and inventory levels
  • Specific reports for tank level applications such as a detailed usage certificate for compliance with specifications


With DULCONNEX API, you can access your data on request from the DULCONNEX Cloud. Use this for integration into existing process control systems, SCADA, mobile or online apps as well as MES or share data with other digital solutions. more

Your benefits

  • Quick and cost-effective integration into existing systems
  • Free choice of IoT provider
  • Open interface for integrating third-party products
  • All relevant data accessible at any time and anywhere
  • Outstanding protection for your personal data

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