Acids for cleaning purposes

You can get washing systems designed specifically for trains too. They use harsher cleaning agents to remove the dirt than are found in car washes. For example, hydrochloric acid to remove iron debris from brakes. Of course, this demands precise metering.

XXL washes

Just like cars, regional and long-distance trains also have to be cleaned on a regular basis. A finely tuned mix of the usual alkaline cleaners and acids is used for the job. You need to be able to flexibly adapt the amounts of the individual components in this mix. In the summer, for example, you need a special additive to remove insects from the front of the train. Otto Christ AG from Memmingen is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of these XXL washing systems. In July 2011, the company commissioned a train wash in Halle/Saale featuring a metering system from ProMinent for precise cleaner metering.

Key figures

  • Train washes
  • Metering alkaline and acid cleaning agents
  • Metering system with 3 motor driven metering pumps Sigma/ 2 units:
  • 2 with 3 pumps each and 1 with 1 pump
  • Collecting pan for clean operation
  • Reliable metering with an option for demand-driven adjustment during operation

Customer focus wins the day

Otto Christ AG decided to use a system from ProMinent because of the company's focus on the customer during project processing. The system tailored to the customer's specifications was supplied ready mounted and installed by ProMinent. Otto Christ AG then simply had to undertake a few adjustments and start it up. This approach was very convenient, saved a lot of organisational work and of course money. Several pump units with a total of seven motor driven metering pumps S igma/ 2 ensure reliable metering of the various agents. These pumps are powerful, energy-saving and totally reliable. The system in Halle was also a great start to the successful collaboration between ProMinent and Otto Christ AG. Several washing systems featuring ProMinent technology have since gone into operation in Nuremberg, Basle, Lucerne and Biel.

Convenience and reliability – for clean results!

  • Delivering a ready mounted system saves the customer a lot of work
  • Improved cleaning quality compared with the manual processes used in the past
  • Precise metering of various cleaning agents in separate circuits
  • Flexible adaptation of metering at any time to suit demand
  • Savings from controlled cleaning agent consumption

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