Precise metering ensures optimum water treatment

You can't compromise on treating potable water. Which is why Stadtwerke Arnsberg puts its trust in precise metering stations from Heidelberg. And is cutting consumption of chemicals and operating costs at the same time.

Modernising for the future

Stadtwerke Arnsberg in the Sauerland region of Germany supplies around 77,000 residents in its urban area with 3.58 million cubic metres of potable water every year. The water production and treatment plants required for this were built at the start of the 1970s but no longer meet current requirements due to the extreme pollution of the surface water. To ensure the long-term supply of good quality potable water, the two Möhnebogen and Langel waterworks were therefore to be extended with state-of-the-art technology.
Bollmann-Filter-Gesellschaft mbH, part of the TIG Group, was tasked with adding to the waterworks new components, such as flocculant metering, ultrafiltration system, active carbon filters, UV system, additional emergency chlorination and the measuring and control technology needed to produce an efficient system. Thanks to the short delivery times and outstanding reliability of its products, ProMinent GmbH was assigned to meet the metering requirements.

Key Data

  • Supply of 3.58 million cubic metres of potable water a year to around 77,000 inhabitants
  • Two identical treatment systems provide up to 600 m3 of perfect potable water an hour
  • Linking of water treatment systems to the company's control room to permit simple remote control

Safe disinfection is essential

The new Möhnebogen water treatment system has been up and running since the autumn of 2011 and an identical system in Langel since 2012. To ensure that the extremely finely-pored diaphragms of the four-stage ultra-filtration system do not become blocked, DULCODOS® metering stations from ProMinent add acid and alkali for cleaning purposes. The third metering station handles the disinfectant supply. To eliminate organic contamination, a fourth station adds flocculant in proportion to volume. If required, another metering station uses sodium hydroxide to regulate the pH. The fully assembled DULCODOS®metering stations are set up in separate rooms, in which the associated double-decker (at the customer's request) tank storage with the chemicals is located. Should the potable water in the pipework still contain microbiological contamination after passing through the various cleaning stages, the waterworks also have a special metering station for emergency disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. This comprises a diaphragm metering pump of the type delta® and also the flow meter DulcoFlow® from ProMinent.

  • Standard metering stations ensure effective cleaning and disinfection of ultrafiltration diaphragms and protect against blockages
  • High process reliability thanks to smooth functioning of the components and metering pumps used
  • Simple control of the metering stations connected to the superordinate control room via remote control using a PC or laptop
  • Special metering station for emergency chlorination provides protection in the event of a fault
  • Precise metering according to the customer's requirements reduces consumption of chemicals and cuts operating costs

»ProMinent products meet our exacting quality requirements. In addition, there has been an excellent working relationship with the company and ProMinent has incorporated our special requirements, like the double-decker feed tanks. Due to the system's precise volume-dependent metering, our consumption of chemicals is lower than we had estimated. Even under unusual operating conditions the combination of process stages used can ensure perfect potable water quality for years to come.« -  Thomas Kroll, Divisional Manager of Stadtwerke Arnsberg GmbH

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