Great Australian beer thanks to German technology

Though wine is catching up, beer is still the most popular drink in Australia. Thus, one of the largest producers, the Lion Group, counts on reliable technology for the provision of one essential ingredient: high-quality water.

XXXX – a real brand

Situated in Milton, a suburb of Brisbane at Australia’s east coast, the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery produces one of the country’s most famous beers called XXXX ( ). The brewery belongs to the Lion Group, one of the leading beverage and food companies of Australia and New Zealand. But – no water, no beer!

The brewery already used a chlorine dioxide plant Bello Zon® CDVb for one reverse osmosis (RO) water main providing water for CIP applications, tunnel pasteurisers and wash-down water. In 2014, the company decided that one brewhouse water main for brewhouse processes and one deaerated liquid (DAL) water main for after-brewing processes should also be treated with chlorine dioxide due to the previous positive experience. So, the challenge was to use one single unit for generating the required high amount of ClO2 for the treatment of three different water mains.

Key facts:

  • Disinfection of utility water using chlorine dioxide plant with capacity of 300 m3/h
  • ClO2 concentration of max. 0.8 ppm and total ClO2 generation of 240 g/h
  • One single unit used for three different water mains

Bello Zon® CDVc – the all-in-one solution

ProMinent Australia supplied a turnkey solution to the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery, which was installed and integrated into the customer’s SCADA system by contractors. However,

commissioning and an inspection test plan was again carried out by ProMinent experts.

The scope of supply comprised a modified Bello Zon® CDVc (240 g/h) plant, a ClO2 storage module and three dosing pumps Sigma 2 Control b to service two post-carbon filter mains and the existing utility water main. As well, transfer of ClO2 dosing to the utility water main from the existing ClO2 system to the new system was provided.

The disinfection system is designed to produce a ClO2 stock solution between 500-1,000 ppm, which is achieved by dosing 9% acid and 7.5% chlorite proportionally to the make-up water flow. This stock solution is then used for the treatment of brewhouse, DAL and RO water flows. The control of the three ClO2 dosing pumps can be increased or decreased via a “dosing ratio“ in the SCADA system.

Disinfection – efficient and reliable

The Lion Group with its famous brands relies on successful operation of chlorine dioxide systems not only at the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery in Milton, but also at the SA Brewing and the Toohey’s sites. All installations were executed without bigger problems and since start-up, operations are running smoothly. The Bello Zon® CDVc system does what it should do: providing disinfected water in the required quality to the three water mains – constantly and safely. Well, then: Cheers!

»Working with ProMinent Australia to install the Bello Zon® CDVc system into the brewery as a turn-key project worked very well for the brewery. The scoping, planning, installation and commissioning were completed in a diligent and professional manner. Delivering to the brewery a ClO2 dosing system that provides water to the brewing process – constantly and safely.« -  Nigel Briggs, Process Improvement Engineer at Castlemaine Perkins Brewery in Brisbane

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