Bottling: turning syrup into a pick-me-up

How do you fancy trying a drink containing 1,3,7-trimethylpurine-2,6-dione, 2-aminoethanesulphonic acid and vast amounts of α-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-fructofuranoside? Surely you wouldn't even contemplate it? Are you sure? You'll find these ingredients in many energy drinks!

Renewable source of energy

Hidden behind these unusual names are big energy kicks: caffeine, taurine and sugar. It's a combination you'll find in most energy drinks and is intended to deliver the stimulating and performance-enhancing effect these drinks are rumoured to provide. A large number of the many energy drinks on the market come from an Austrian bottling plant where up to 350 litres of syrup is mixed with water every hour to produce a homogeneous drink. The mixing ratio has to be right and this requires precise metering. The metering system also has to be CIP (cleaning in place)-enabled, i.e. the operator needs to be able to clean the system without having to disassemble it.

Key data

  • Beverage bottling plant for mixing syrup with water
  • Requirements: precise metering, CIP-enabled
  • Complete ProMinent metering system with motor driven metering pump Sigma/ 3
  • PLC programmable logic controller for the control and fine-tuning of the mixing ratio
  • Ultra-fast CIP cleaning of the pipe with hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite

Exact, safe and hygienic

In 2013 the drinks bottler installed a complete metering system from ProMinent. At its very heart lies our powerful motor-driven metering pump Sigma/ 3 . This operates at a reproducibility of better than ±2 % and, thanks to a multi-layer safety diaphragm, relief valve and integrated bleed valve, is reliable and safe. The system's sensor-controlled low flow contact also ensures good operational safety. A Siemens programmable logic controller controls and fine tunes the mixing ratio. It goes without saying that all hygiene requirements are met, and a special pipe design carrying hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite speeds up the CIP process. This system is packed with energy!

Top results in terms of reliability and hygiene

  • High-precision compliance with mixing ratio
  • Optimum metering system for a good price
  • New 100% stainless steel piping
  • Safe operation, thanks to the multi-layer safety diaphragm, relief valve and low flow contact
  • Meets all hygiene requirements
  • Accelerated CIP

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