Spa – the original water cure

Of course everyone knows what a spa is. But did you also know that it is the name of a Belgian resort that boasts a natural spring? The healing water in the public swimming pool in the town has since been improved with ozone.

Successful technology upgrade

The public swimming pool Piscine Olympique de Spa boasts an impressive 50 m outdoor pool. Inside there is yet another pool – this one is 25 m – and a large children's pool. And the cherry on the cake is that all of the pools are supplied with genuine spring water – guests are able to swim in the famous "eau de spa".

But statutory requirements demand that the operators needed to improve the quality of the spring water they use. So it was for this reason that, in May 2012, it was decided to replace the existing water treatment equipment with a modern ozone and UV system. ProMinent Belgium was chosen for this upgrade as the operator had already had positive experiences with the metering pumps which had been installed, as well as the excellent service. But above all it was because everything that was needed could be supplied by one individual, reliable and competent manufacturer.

Key figures

  • Supply of three waterworks with natural, ready-treated spring water
  • In the peak summer season there are between 1,500 and 2,500 visitors
  • Technical upgrade with ozone and UV systems without affecting the opening times

Treatment of spring water improved with ozone

The new system OZONFILT® OZVa produces ozone which is sprayed under pressure into the inlet of a static mixer in order to achieve a best-possible homogenisation of water and ozone. The resulting mixture stays in a reaction tank for ten minutes before the treated water is released, thus ensuring reliable elimination of all germs. Finally the water is fed into a storage tank with level control. At the outlet of the storage tank there are two chemical transfer pumps which fill the buffer tanks for the swimming pools.

The disinfection process finishes with the complete removal of chloramines. This occurs by the water passing through a sand filter which is connected to a UV system of the type Dulcodes M. This system is designed specifically for the treatment of large quantities of water and thanks to its special lamps, it is ideal for the photo-oxidative breakdown of chloramines in swimming pool water. The entire water treatment system for all three pools was supplied by ProMinent and is controlled by the high-performance measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II.


  • All components for water treatment from one single supplier
  • Treatment of spring water with ozone to meet statutory requirements
  • Continuous supply of perfectly hygienic pool water thanks to disinfection with a UV system
  • Reduction of water consumption and therefore reduction in operational costs
  • Satisfied guests thanks to the elimination of skin and eye irritants by the UV system

»Since the commissioning of the new system we are very satisfied with the water quality. On top of this we also need less water for filter backwashing which now doesn't need to be done daily but only every three days. This has meant we have considerably reduced our operational costs. But what is most important is the feedback from our visitors: there is no longer an unpleasant chlorine smell and no skin or eye irritants.« -  Gerard Poncelet, Manager of the Piscine Olympique de Spa

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