Say no to pitting and hydrate blockages

The North Field, one of the largest gas fields in the world, lies off the Arabian peninsula. Extracting gas from this field at a depth of around 70 metres requires quality and reliability.

Gas – and more

But the gas at the extraction point in question contains a high level of hydrogen sulphide, which can produce highly corrosive acids that damage the pipelines, even to the point of causing leaks, resulting in high costs. To reduce the aggressive effect, corrosion inhibitors are added to the crude gas mix. But in this case, hydrogen sulphide wasn't the only problem. Under certain conditions, when gas comes into contact with water a solid material called gas hydrate forms, which can block the pipelines. This is prevented with methanol.

Key figures

  • Gas extraction from a depth of around 70 metres in the Persian Gulf
  • Gas composition requires the addition of corrosion inhibitors and methanol
  • 180 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps Orlita Mh2S 35/8-8 meter corrosion inhibitors
  • 50 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps Orlita Mh2S 600/28-28 meter methanol
  • Highly precise metering prevents costly damage

Performance and reliability from ProMinent

To meter the corrosion inhibitors and methanol reliably, metering pumps were required. ProMinent technology was chosen for its performance and reliability. Since 2013, 180 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps from the ORLITA® MH product range have been metering up to 2 x 12.1 l/h of corrosion inhibitors at 200 strokes an hour. Another 50 pumps from the ORLITA® MH product range meter methanol and can pump up to 2 x 130 l/h at 182 strokes an hour. Thanks to their special construction, the pumps achieve an outstanding dosing precision of ± 0.5 % and experience low wear during operation. They are also exceptionally safe because the double diaphragm hermetically isolates the medium from the environment, even if one diaphragm layer ruptures.

Safe and cost-effective operation

  • Prevention of expensive problems caused by corrosion and formation of hydrates
  • Excellent safety: metal diaphragm hermetically isolates medium from environment
  • Optimum dosing precision of ± 0.5 %
  • Low-wear operation thanks to stainless steel product contact parts and special hydraulic design
  • Easy assembly of pump heads without special tools

Used Products - Say no to pitting and hydrate blockages

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