Modern control technology for your home and pool

True to the saying “there’s no place like home”, a Swiss couple included a pool in plans for the garden when building their new home. The best thing about their plans is the fact that the pool control system DULCOMARIN® II is linked to the house control system and can be operated with ease via a tablet.

Located on a slope? What about connectivity? Everything can be accommodated!

Rather than spending several hours in a plane to ultimately have to share the hotel pool with lots of other people, you can relax just as well at home. This was the conclusion that a Swiss couple had come to and they put their money where their mouth is when planning their new home: including a beautiful garden with their own pool to match the modern look and feel of their site. The technical components were to inconspicuously slot into their surroundings and be easy to control from a central point. Together the architects, the firm appointed to construct the swimming pool and the owners got to work. The tricky bit was the site’s location in the Zurich Oberland region. The team started by stabilising the slope and landscaping before installing the elegant stainless steel pool.

Key data

  • Stainless steel pool (9.80 x 3.60 x 1.50 m) integrated into a private site on a slope
  • Networking the pool control system with the house control system
  • Central control of all water attractions and water quality control using a tablet

State-of-the-art technology for clean pool water

The 9.80 x 3.60 x 1.50 m stainless steel pool is an elegant alternative to the usual polyester pool. It was placed into the pit in one piece using a crane. In the summer of 2017, Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH, a well-known firm from Wetzikon, installed the components needed to treat and disinfect the pool water within the space of 14 days. When it came to the measuring and control technology, the specialists from Woodtli have long placed their trust in ultra-modern devices from ProMinent Dosiertechnik AG. For this job, they used a fully-mounted metering system of the type DULCODOS® Pool with integrated controller DULCOMARIN® II, a peristaltic pump DULCO®flex DF2a for precisely metering the disinfectant and a compact DULCOMETER® for the water analysis. All the components are interconnected via a CAN bus. The DULCOMARIN® II in turn also communicates with the house control system.

The perfect place to relax at home

The owners are more than satisfied: The water treatment components are housed in a separate plant room, there are no cables to be seen and all operating statuses are clearly indicated on a tablet. The counterflow system, lighting, air jet bench and pool cover as well as all hygiene parameters for the pool water are monitored and controlled centrally. Using the controller DULCOMARIN® II’s EcoMode and by automatically lowering the circulation capacity when the system isn't in use, energy is saved and operating costs are cut. All in all, the solution is economical and environmental, aesthetically pleasing and state-of-the-art from a technological standpoint. Relax and keep fit in your own pool – the Swiss have got the right priorities in life!

  • Harmonious integration of the stainless steel pool into the surroundings
  • Reliable treatment and disinfection of pool water
  • All components are housed in a separate plant room
  • Convenient and central control of several water attractions via the house control system and app links
  • Clear display and simple monitoring of hygiene parameters using a tablet
  • Energy savings from the smart controller DULCOMARIN® II

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