Gründerpreis award in recognition of a life's work

The Gründerpreis of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Baden-Württemberg, a business start-up award, was set up 14 years ago, and for the past eight years it has also been presented to an individual in recognition of their life's work. In 2011 the award was presented to Heidelberg entrepreneur Prof. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger (*18.12.1935; † 21.03.2016), founder and chairperson of ProMinent GmbH.

"Viktor Dulger is the perfect role model for the modern entrepreneur," said Sparkasse president Peter Schneider in the presentation address. He achieved his breakthrough with a small metering pump that weighed 2 kilograms and measured 20 by 15 centimetres. At first everyone else in the industry just smiled, but soon those smiles turned to astonishment. Thanks to that small pump, the business has grown from humble beginnings to a group of companies operating at international level. I'm particularly proud that Sparkasse Heidelberg has been able to help it along the way."

He joins the ranks of previous winners: Erwin Hymer (2004), Prof. Dr. h.c. Artur Fischer (2005), Erwin Müller (2006), Friedrich Lütze (2007), Arthur Handtmann (2008), Helmut and Hans Eberspächer and Dr. Günter Baumann (2009) and Wilfried Ensinger (2010).

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